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Hard advertising is no longer popular at present Chinese brands prefer content marketing

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Hard advertising is no longer popular at present Chinese brands prefer content marketing
May 20, 2017 dritryvh admin

may see the TV commercials between you will feel tired, can not remember the brand name, but you must be on the title of "The Voice of China", "Dad where to go to" the brand does not feel strange.

Using the shortcomings can help business – Business
May 18, 2017 yzcsqntg admin

once there are shortcomings, in the minds of many businesses, or can only be treated as waste, or only to reduce sales. However, if a change of ideas, clever use of some of these shortcomings, the results may be completely different oh. So, clever use of shortcomings, can help operate! A woolen fabric a woolen

In the face of difficulties just do their counterparts can be
May 18, 2017 uuhzmwlz admin

As the saying goes, is a friend, not to mention there is still competition in terms of economic interests, want a good relationship, it is not simple. In fact, the relationship is not bad, as long as there is no vicious competition between each other. However, some of the new open shop is easy to

Automotive supplies store investment Xiaobian to your weapon
May 13, 2017 ldkitjml admin

now people’s living standards improve, every family has a private car is a normal thing. Some people even more than their love of cars, from time to time to do the decoration and car wash, now the number of private car consumption continues to grow, so an auto parts store can still, Xiaobian visited a

2016 venture recommendation Jewelry Agents
May 13, 2017 skgxhxke admin

now more and more emphasis on female compatriots to buy jewelry, jewelry chain business is getting better and better. This is a good news for entrepreneurs. More and more people love to dress up, they are on the jewelry, but also more and more consumption. Because it is now a change in consumer awareness, as

Foshan’s first Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship Festival kicked off in Shunde
May 13, 2017 itbvmtuc admin

public service platform plays a more and more important role in the process of entrepreneurship, standardization and refinement of public services to shorten the entrepreneurs who do not need the entrepreneurial process, accelerate the innovation of new technologies and new industries rise.

Famous English education brand
May 13, 2017 tijwfpnn admin

although the score in the college entrance examination scores have been adjusted, but people’s enthusiasm for English learning has not stopped. Choose a good English brand, improve learning interest, master the correct learning methods, the effect will be very significant. So what are the famous English education brands? A, only English The most competitive

Children bed franchise business strategy sharing
May 13, 2017 itbvmtuc admin

children’s bed franchise business will become more and more popular, so the market will be growing, more demand, your products want to sell, will be much simpler. If you want to join the franchisee to improve the profitability of the store, the necessary business strategy is to master, if you are a novice, there are

Fast food store location attention
May 11, 2017 gjahrerz admin

Internet grab a lot of business entities, but the food and beverage industry is a business can not grab. Whenever you open a fast food restaurant is always a good choice. If you want to open a fast food restaurant, the first problem to be solved is how to choose when the store address. actualshop,

Beware of children’s wear shop three mistakes
May 11, 2017 ydqjvayc admin

join the fear of entrepreneurship into the most difficult, once entered, it is easy to fail. The children joined three errors need to alert entrepreneurs, don’t believe errors, otherwise it’s easy to get their children’s wealth cause unable to get up after a fall.