Xining real estate investment steady growth in sales fell

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Xining real estate investment steady growth in sales fell
March 27, 2017 dajofmas admin

Xining real estate investment steady growth, sales area fell. from January to July this year, Xining real estate investment showed steady growth, a total investment of about twenty-six trillion and seventy-seven million yuan to complete the development, an increase of 24.21%. Among them, the residential investment is still the leading real estate development investment, the

Xining vegetable basket network
March 27, 2017 gjahrerz admin

For the busy urban life rhythm, October 15th, "Xining basket net", this is the first network of our city shopping platform, through the network of people can stay at home can get their dishes, not only saves a lot of time in shopping, but also eliminates the dish Zecai link. It is understood that the

Qinghai provincial multi provincial scenic spots covered by the provincial highway network
March 26, 2017 wmcfxvrn admin

on the development of tourism in Qinghai Province, the transportation departments to accelerate highway construction, by the end of 2015, the province’s highway mileage reached 75 thousand and 600 kilometers, a provincial multi connectivity, coverage, access to scenic spots in the province within the area of tourist highway network basically formed a strong impetus to

The city’s two court portals opened
March 26, 2017 orcspcph admin

recently, the Xining municipal court successfully completed the construction of the local network of Chinese courts, opened a total of 8 court website, the city’s courts to achieve full coverage of the internet. This shows that the city court information construction work, judicial publicity and publicity work has entered a new stage of development. since

The province’s second, a total of young people to join hands to protect the source of Sanjiang tree
March 25, 2017 itwwoeqa admin

4 month 29 days, to thoroughly implement the spirit of the instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping’s "three solid", by the Provincial Bureau of retired cadres, the Provincial Committee led by the second Hunan "and work together, to protect the Sanjiang source tree campaign kicked off in maixiu forest farm of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous prefecture.

Xining to carry out the rectification of the grassroots party organizations have a special action
March 24, 2017 uuhzmwlz admin

In the West District of Xining City Road West Community sunning, here provides a "warm class hour" services to the community after school children, parents worry about the children from school to solve the security menace from the rear to solve the community elderly; formalities difficult problem, the implementation of the "community mobile desk" plan,

Xining West joint law enforcement for 9 gas pipeline mine
March 23, 2017 wmcfxvrn admin

December 4th, Xining City West District People’s government organized a number of departments in the field of joint law enforcement, take tough measures to rectification within the jurisdiction of the 9 natural gas pipeline being tied up, covered risks, require the relevant department or unit responsible, dismantle, tying up gas pipeline coating buildings or attachments,

10845 insured workers to achieve information management
March 21, 2017 qckexyyw admin

recently, chase the county to participate in the unemployment insurance 69 enterprises (things) and the basic information of the insured workers into the information system of all 10845 employees into the information system. The line of our province "golden insurance project" management information system of social insurance, unemployment insurance management realize the informatization, unified computer

Our province to carry out special inspections of flammable and explosive fire safety
March 21, 2017 itbvmtuc admin

Tianjin 8· after 12 particularly significant fire and explosion accidents, many departments of our province fire department immediately joint housing construction, safety supervision, quality supervision, consisting of a number of inspection teams across the province to carry out fire safety inspections of flammable and explosive, centralized investigation and remediation of fire safety hazards.

Liu Yong, director of the Ministry of health condolences to the city to send liaison officers and re
March 21, 2017 dajofmas admin

in April 26, 2011, the Ministry of health medical service evaluation and supervision department office of the director of Liu Yong, comrade Hu Xiang at the hospital regulation line of our city stationed liaison Comrade Gao Xiaowei had sympathy, and the work of the pilot reform of public hospitals in our city were investigated. Director