Sichuan, Sichuan Province, migrant workers returning home to start a green channel

under the needs of the people of all walks of life, the government increasingly around the country to create a better business environment, so as to meet the needs of more entrepreneurs. Among them, the work of farmers as a special group, and now has become an important part of the entrepreneurial market, enjoy the government to provide a more favorable entrepreneurial policy. Moreover, many areas are also open for migrant workers to start the green channel, Sichuan, Sichuan Province is so.

this year, the Sichuan Province to relax the policy environment, improve the entrepreneurial environment, increase employment training, focusing on migrant workers to return to the village of Dazhou entrepreneurship opened green channel". Up to now, Dazhou District Returned Migrant Workers 887 new jobs, re employment of 322 people. read more

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How to wash down the cold winter clothes

cold winter, people have put on a thick down jacket, down jacket to wear comfortable, but it is very troublesome to clean up. The whole network for the winter cleaning heavy jacket support weapon.

jacket in poultry down for protein fiber, if use soap or ordinary laundry detergent (not use detergent enzyme), because it has strong alkaline, the jacket lose softness, elasticity and gloss, becomes dry, stiff and aging, shorten the service life of eider down.

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Secret investment small profit big project

is now in the early stages of entrepreneurship, a lot of people will be a headache, it is because their capital is too small, do not worry, and now for you to disclose some of the small profits of investment projects, so you do not worry about getting rich. What are the small profits of investment projects have ah? Jewelry to join, open jewelry shop investment is relatively small. There are a lot of small profits to invest in the project, how much do you know?

a jewelry dress with a superb collection of beautiful things of women, the temptation of a woman’s heart. The jewelry store even more women feel pleased to do jewelry self-service business so you can easily harvest wealth. read more

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Snack food to join the election of three squirrels

think about ten years ago, the best fruit of the new year? Candy, melon seeds, etc.. And now? Nut foods became popular. All kinds of nuts inside the TV series, which means that leisure food brands have occupied a dominant position in the food.

with the improvement of living standards, the demand for leisure food is on the rise. Anhui three squirrels (Sino foreign joint venture) Agel Ecommerce Ltd, is China’s first positioning in the pure Internet food brands, but also China’s largest sales of food electricity supplier enterprises. read more

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Jujube women’s entrepreneurship training into the rural community in Hubei

is now a popular pioneering era, the majority of the female entrepreneurs have been liberated from the home, embarked on a road of entrepreneurship, recently, Hubei city of Jujube Province Women in entrepreneurship training to carry out a series of work.

8 19 in the morning, with "public entrepreneurship, innovation, Jujube city women’s entrepreneurship training ceremony in women’s action" as the theme was held in the assembly hall of Liu Sheng Zhen, this activity is jointly organized by the city people club Bureau, Municipal Women’s Federation, and received strong support from the government of Liu Sheng Zhen, this is my city the function of service innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples another major move. The ceremony presided over by the Municipal Women’s Federation Chairman Wang Yunhong, Municipal Committee Organization Department Minister Huang Jun, city people club bureau director Xie Dejun published ebullience speech, encourage the majority of trainees, and strive to learn new knowledge, based on local industrial advantages, through their own efforts, realize the wealthy and strong city. read more

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How to open hot and sour powder shop where to shop more money

believe that many friends like to eat hot and sour powder, seemingly inconspicuous hot and sour powder, but it has been all over the north and south. Today, we from the hot and sour powder shop how to choose the location of this point of view, look at the hot and sour powder shop where to make money? In order to open the hot and sour powder shop friends to provide some reference.

open Hot and Sour Rice Noodles stores, a powerful headquarters will be professional assistance in the site, companies will have a special team to help the analysis, and then according to the analysis of local demand and market prices to help investors. Generally speaking, a large flow of people, the business is naturally good. read more

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How can you make money fried food

fried snacks, with the characteristics of delicious, loved by customers, has a large market. Do deep fried snacks business, market demand is great, but want to make money to make a successful business, but also to know how to operate, operating well, to bring good returns. So, how to operate a fried snack can make money?

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Nanjing 1-4 real estate investment sales data released last month

Nanjing as a more developed second tier cities, the level of economic development has been much concern. For Nanjing’s real estate, some time ago, the average price of second-hand housing has been close to 20 thousand yuan a flat. So, in this year’s 1-4 Nanjing real estate is a general overview of what?

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of statistics, micro-blog 1-4, Nanjing real estate investment, sales data released. Data show that 1-4 months, Nanjing completed real estate development investment 52 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of 14.6%. read more

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Summer’s five most profitable venture

summer approaching, intolerable heat, even if the weekend rest, but also very few people go shopping, the sun during the day, people miserable. However, the night market is very popular, more and more people shopping. This is the flow of business opportunities, how to make good use of this feature is the key to getting rich.

summer, unbearably hot, ice house offers a cool. Rent a small shop, to buy an air conditioner and an ice making machine, add a few tables and chairs, so you can open an ice house. When tired of the people, see the door of the house of the big "ice" word, can not help but go to > go inside. High power air conditioning "hissing" from air conditioning, the waiter a dish of ice, with cream and fruit, eat a good to hear or see, riotous with colour, mouth full of fluid, cheek teeth, heart happy as can be imagined. read more

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Yulin strings join conditions which are sweet

business is the most important thing to pay attention to a good faith, integrity is the most valued businessman a quality, but also to see if you can play a key factor in the mall. In response to this point Yulin string incense proposed the following conditions:

first, the rational identification of steadfast venture:

1. agrees with the Yulin brand, brand awareness, to maintain a unified brand image.

2. identity of the headquarters of the corporate culture, business models and management methods, pay the associated costs. read more

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How much money knife cutting robot

is now a lot of noodle shops have begun to use knife cut noodle robot to help save labor costs. What is the cost of the machine? Many newcomers are very keen to know. Rising labor costs speed is getting faster and faster, so, naturally, will find a replacement for labor products, the robot will come into our lives, we will see that there are some restaurants have been going on the introduction of the robot continued when the waiter, so as to reduce labor demand shop. In life, the robot is widely used in restaurants, noodle shop inside, the use of robots is also very extensive, thousands of pieces of money, very practical. read more

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Where to open the steamed stuffed bun

steamed stuffed bun is a popular food, the steamed stuffed bun store opened in a suitable position to attract a lot of good business. Today, open bun store is very market, in line with people’s fast-paced work and life needs. So, the steamed stuffed bun store open where good? What are the site selection techniques?

there in the market, next to the pedestrian streets, stores and other stores, Baozi service people are not the same. In the next place is close to the market supply and demand, the target population is family oriented; roadside is aimed to work or by hungry people; the store is early in dinner eat dumplings of the crowd, some of them are occasional, also have a over (eat, noodles more always want to change). read more

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How to choose a coffee shop

many people like to drink coffee, coffee market demand more and more fire, many friends also want to open a coffee shop. Coffee shop, need to be properly considered, need to be good at analyzing a variety of situations, the shop wants to make a better income, you need to start from the market location. So, how to choose the location of the coffee shop? Let’s take a look.

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Medium and small enterprises and college graduates employment docking service work

policy to give entrepreneurship and development of small and medium-sized enterprises service is very awesome, and continue to improve policies, policies to help entrepreneurs can be assured. Recently, the two departments to carry out small and medium enterprises and college graduates employment docking services.

as do the employment of college graduates, optimizing the personnel structure of small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, the general office of the Ministry of industry and Information Office of the Ministry of Education jointly issued the "notice on the day before the development of small and medium-sized enterprise entrepreneurship and employment of college graduates docking services" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), decided to carry out small and medium sized enterprises with the college graduates employment service docking work. read more

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The worst global entrepreneurial environment

since the entrepreneurial environment is the best country, the corresponding, there is also a very bad entrepreneurial environment. Xiao Bian here to introduce you, I hope you do not accidentally, to these countries to start a business, hit a package, and ultimately ended in failure!

10. Indonesia. Vitality index: 50.7 the biggest weakness: Indonesia’s scientific and technological environment in the survey countdown to third. Limited research spending, financing problems, and an unfriendly business environment for companies have dragged down the country’s economic development. read more

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Dry cleaning franchise chain will become the next gold investment opportunities

has been popular in Europe and the United States fast food restaurants from more than a decade ago to enter China, began to flourish, and now China has occupied a small catering market. I can tell you that the next such a prosperous venture is bound to dry cleaning.

What are

in the efficiency and speed of the era, business friends opened a laundromat very promising! Why do you say, self – laundry in the United States has long been popular, especially in the more densely populated hotels around the school or the surrounding apartments, the use of self-service laundry is very high! read more

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